Our Services

Capturis views accounts payable as a necessary function of all companies, big or small. Our service makes this function extremely efficient through the use of our streamlined processes. From the mailroom to accounts payable, Capturis has created an effective utility information management process based on a First Due, First Through® prioritization. That coupled with the benefits of developing our own technology, allows us to pay your utility bills in the most efficient manner possible. As a by-product of this accounts payable process, Capturis has gathered the necessary energy information you need to make sound business decisions…And make it available to you online in a powerful, user-friendly database-reporting tool.

Our service options include:

  • Pre-Payment Processing – Capturis receives and processes your invoices. We will forward the payment file to your organization, and from there you can pay the utilities. We will also manage any missing bill issues and your organization manages all payment-related issues.
  • Post-Payment Processing – Your organization receives, processes and pays all invoices. You can then forward copies of your bills to Capturis for upload to the Capturis web-based reporting tool for customer reporting and analytic requirements.

At Capturis, we recognize the importance of managing every customer encounter in an urgent manner, constantly demonstrating our passion to serve. We treat each customer contact with a sense of urgency, identifying problems, solutions, expectations and delivering on our promises. It is this sense of urgency and commitment that allows us to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Over the past decade, Capturis has provided multi-site utility information management as well as bill processing and payment services to more than 275 clients including Fortune 100 and 500 companies.